Fort Aguada – A Glimpse into History

Aguada Fort Goa
Aguada Fort – Portuguese fort amidst the essence of Goa
Aguada Fort Goa
Aguada Fort – Portuguese fort amidst the essence of Goa

Built in 1612, Fort Aguada is a picturesque fort situated on Sinquerim beach in Goa. Aguada is a Portuguese word which means “Watering Place” and the fort was built by the then Portuguese rulers for providing fresh water supply to the ships passing by in the Arabian Sea. As you enter the fort’s premises, it will remind you of numerous Bollywood movies scenes which have been shot here.

Fort Aguada comprises of a lower fort which is surrounded by bastions all around and an upper fort.  The lower port was primarily made for providing a safe cover to Portuguese ships while the upper fort was built to serve as a watering station to the ships. After exploring further, you will see there is a gunpowder room in the upper fort and a lighthouse. Another reason of building the fort was to protect the Portuguese establishments from the Dutch and Marathas.

As the fort is located on a hilly area covered by dense forests so one can expect sweltering heat during summers, special care should be taken during rains because the dense forest cover makes it a bit difficult to maneuver through the hilly passage.

Just imagine: A cool windy day, roaring sea waves, sea breeze blowing through your hair and your eyes looking at the sun rising in Arabian Sea with some ships sailing here and there. Well, Fort Aguada is the place which guarantees this visual treat. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and GO GOA!

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