IFFI’s Permanent Venue Will Enrich Goa’s Culture

International Film Festival of India
International Film Festival of India
IFFI - Goa

Goa is a perfect choice for events because of its accessibility and ecology. And no doubt the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry has rightly chosen the world renowned beach resort as its permanent venue for hosting the International Film Festival of India. The Central Government-hosted IFFI is the most famous international film festival of Asia held annually. The festival acts as a common platform for world cinema to showcase the cinematic talents of various countries and promote the art. Before the declaration of the permanent venue in an MoU between the I&B Ministry and the State Government recently, Goa had been the venue for the IFFI for a decade.

Boost for tourism

The news of this permanent stature came as a ray of joy for the State! The signing of such a memorandum is a major step taken by the Government towards the development of Goa. The tourism sector, which thrives solely on the scenic natural beauty of this beach State, has been a major source of income for the State. However, the attractive developments in other States have posed a threat to the status of Goa as the hottest beach destination, thereby causing a decline in tourism business! The decision regarding the IFFI will offer a pool of opportunities to the natives of the State. Not only will it give the tourism industry a major blow, but will also move Goa beyond the status of a tourist destination.

The IFFI has come as a boon for Goa! The opportunities it has brought with itself are beyond the imagination of a common man. The State will now enjoy substantial benefits in terms of employment and income. There will be massive spin-offs in the businesses like hotels, airlines, consumer shops and travel agencies. There will also be a relative increase in the investment in infrastructure of the State.

Cultural impact on Goa

Not only this, the arrangements for IFFI will gradually make Goa a cultural destination as well! Theatre will be developed and encouraged on an international level. Besides, Goa will enjoy an equal share in the decisions regarding the various concepts of the festival’s arrangements.These are just some of the conspicuous effects this development will have on the State, while the actual might be inestimable!

The IFFI will be held from November 20 to November 30 this year in Goa.The Union I&B Minster, Prakash Javedkar, foresees Goa transforming like other international venues like Cannes. The Ministry and the State Government hope to benefit substantially from this development. As for the masses, we really hope that the mileages of this deal reach up to the grass roots level! Only then will it be regarded as a profitable step by the Government!