India’s Favourite States for Travel if You’re Sweet Toothed

India’s Favourite States for Travel if You’re Sweet Toothed
Let's explore sweetest cities in India.
India’s Favourite States for Travel if You’re Sweet Toothed
Let’s explore sweetest cities in India.

Terri Guillemets has rightly said, “Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen, a happily-ever-after to supper“. Don’t you think that life would be sad and boring without piping hot Gulab jamuns, the smooth chocolate out of a molten lava cake or sugar syrup oozing out of cold Rosogullas? After all, desserts are one such item that we all wait for. Desserts have comforted us for years. Remember all those bad breakups, lost incentives or promotions, days when we didn’t feel like getting out of bed, haven’t desserts cheer us up. But how many splendid desserts have you had till now from the nook and corner of the country? Let me present to you some of the states for your travel plans, and if you have a sweet tooth, perhaps you won’t wait before going to these places. These are the most exquisite desserts on their menu card that would make you feel as you have stepped into the Lala Land.

Below are the states that we have compiled for your dessert delight. Bon Appétit!

West Bengal

Even Paro, in the movie ‘Devdas’ took refuge of Sandesh to meet him. See, that’s the power of dessert. It won’t be wrong to say that West Bengal has given India some of the finest and delicious desserts. Desserts like Rashogulla, Sandesh, Mishti Doi, Rajbhog, Payesh, Malpua, Chomchom and Joynogor-er Moa make our mouth water irrespective of the fact that whether we’re eight or eighty. It is due to the presence of such varied and delicious desserts that rightly make West Bengal the first choice of dessert lovers.


Punjab presents Indians with a few worth mentioning mouth-watering dishes, so how could it not get its name registered in the dessert section? Punjabis know the art of turning simpleton ingredients into something stunning. Take, for example, Gajjar ka halwa, Sooji ka halwa, Moong dal ka halwa, Pinni, Kheer, Panjiri, Kulfi, etc. Every single dessert has been nothing else but work of pure wizardry. People of Punjab are truly magician, and it is from their kitchen and that the rest of the Indians benefit.


From the land of royals, one can expect nothing else but royalty. Desserts like Ghewar, Milk Cake, Gujhia, Doodhiya Kheench, Balushahi, Churma Ladoo, Mawa Kachori and Dikhushal tell the tales of splendour of the yesteryears. So, the next time you decide to visit Rajasthan to relive the royal era, don’t forget to get a good look at these beautiful desserts, and later gorge on them. Witness it yourself that what is so great about these desserts that made them famous among the kings and nobles and now the common people.


This state is one place that is melting-point of many cultures. Hence, it is because of this reason that Maharashtra is one of the famous states as far as desserts are concerned. Be it Modak that is presented to Lord Ganesha, or the famous desserts like Puran poli, Shrikhand, Shankarpada, Mango mastani, Karanji, Kharvas, Sheera; Maharashtrians make some delectable desserts that are famous not only in the state but also all over the country.

Delhi and Lucknow

Delhi is all about food. Be it main course or dessert, Delhiites love food to the extreme end. Even though Delhi houses people from different walks of life, still it has a few desserts that are exclusive to Delhi. Lucknow, as it is fondly known as the city of Nawabs, has a lot of commonality with Delhi when it comes to desserts. Both the states share a common list of some delightful desserts and they are – Jalebi, Imarti, Shahi tukda, Fruit cream, Rabdi, Malai Cham cham, Mango ice cream, Khurchan, Kulfi falooda and Karachi halwa. One can find these desserts at every lane of Delhi and Lucknow. However, if you’re in Delhi and you want to try out a few above-mentioned desserts, visit Old Delhi and let your taste buds have a feast.

Agra and Mathura

Who can ever forget the famous Peda and Petha of Agra and Mathura? Such is the love of Peda, that one can find it in different flavours be it Sada, Mawa, Chena, Brown, etc. Apart from these two, one can find Gajjak, Chiki, Pan ladoo and Chena phool as some of the must-have dishes when you visit any of these places.


The moment we talk about Karnataka, Mysore Pak rings the bell. However, if you think that Karnataka has no other dessert to offer to the Indian plate, then you’re all wrong. Desserts like Dharwad peda, Amingad kardant, Belgavi khunda and Hayagreeva are something that one must try out while you’re there. So, move a bit away from Mysore Pak and try out these novel and authentic desserts.


Dosa, Sambhar, Idli and Vada are some dishes that describe Kerala, but can you name at least one dessert that belongs to this beautiful ‘Country of Gods?’ Don’t worry. We have got the dessert menu covered for you. The next time, you decide to bask in the beauty of the backwaters, don’t forget to order Palada payasam, Banana halwa, Neyyappam, Unniyappam, Elaneer pudding, Rava ladoo, Mutta maala and Ada pradhaman. These desserts are unique and must be tasted at least once in a lifetime.

Andhra Pradesh

The whole country knows that Andhra’s cuisine is spiciest of all, but at the same time, the state offers some of the best sweets. After savouring the spicy Hyderabadi Biryani with those extra spicy chutneys, calm the rage of the taste buds with sweets like Kakinada kaja, Bandar ladoo, Ariselu, Pootharekulu, Tirupati ladoo, Qubani ka meetha and Gavvalu. Try out these sweets after you’ve had your fill of the main course. After all, no meal is complete without a dessert.


It wouldn’t be right on our part if we don’t present to you the authentic Assamese desserts that need a special mention. Be it Bora chaular payas, Narikol pitha, Goroor payash or Cha khao kheer, every dessert is better from the former and must be tasted to know that variety is the essence of life and different things must be tried out.

Even though a complete justice to all the rich and varied desserts can’t be done, still there are some states that present the tourists and locals not just the scenic beauty but extensive variety of desserts that need to be tasted as there’s more to life than gorging on brownies, cakes and ice creams.

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