India’s Popular Jeep Trails for the Adventure Hungry

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari

India offers a lot of scope for adventure and exploration. And, jeep safaris are amongst the best ways to traverse through the unparalleled diversity of terrains and challenging trails. One of the most popular safari tours is the Delhi-Manali jeep tour, which is an experience of its kind. Dramatic landscape changes, historical sites and the majestic Indus, the Hemis monastery and Khardung La – the highest motorable road in the world, along with some rough and slightly unpredictable weather changes are all a part of this eight-day journey which would leave anyone daring to endeavour, rich with some of life’s greatest experiences. For any trip to Ladakh to be successful, one must complete the lake tour, where the high altitudes and azure lakes invite explorers and nature lovers alike to immerse themselves in the bliss of being lost in their beauty.

Spiritual sites of Uttarakhand

Equally amazing is the Uttarakhand jeep safari, where spiritual getaways, adventure hideouts and countless other adrenaline inducing expeditions complete one’s visit to “God’s land” as it is called. The ideal Uttarakhand tour ought to include a balanced combination of pious and adventurous locations and traverses, the best being the Garhwal Himalaya jeep tour – an exploratory expedition covering the most beautiful places or the region.

Also a part of the Uttarakhand nature trip series is the Corbett National Park, that has numerous varieties of both flora and fauna. Wildlife and nature’s frameless art make the journey as important and exciting as it gets. Destinations like Binar and Munsyari guarantee experiences of a lifetime.

The Kumaon belt trip is only complete once the tour reaches Mukteshwar, situated at a distance of 130 km from Chaukori. A must visit is the 350 years old Shiva temple.

The central part of India portrays a rich history that could be stocked for exhibitions in the contemporary world. Urban legends, explicit sculptures, tales of valour and timeless architectures are what await the ones that jump into their jeeps to get the cultural best at Khajuraho – also called the mirror of soulful India.

One of the most adventurous places in India is the southern part of the country, where culture, language, and landscape collectively make any and all nature lovers flock towards it. Abundant, rich heritage and architecture and a closer encounter with the three main water bodies surrounding our motherland on the three sides are the highlights of any tour taken through South India. Going coast to coast with the wind in our hair and sand in our feet, the best place to start from is Kozhikode – a beautiful city located along the coast of the Arabian sea offering the most beautiful of sights and the clearest of waters to immerse ourselves in. Driving to Alappuzha, famed for its backwaters and houseboats, is a much recommended tour and in itself, a great experience.

Guwahati-Tawang jeep safari expedition

The North East part of the country, surprisingly, has the most adventure-laden tours and driving trails and one of the best examples is the Guwahati-Tawang jeep safari expedition. The challenging road trip begins from Tezpur in Assam – a multifaceted city with historical connections. If we take the NH 52 from Tezpur, we come across Bhalukpong, a scenic destination with some of the highest mountains, trails littered with flowers and can be dubbed the paradise on earth.

It is amazing how even so much as the thought of making such journeys leaves a strong imprint on us, and with each step that we take towards adventures and excitement, we come closer to our real self and our life. As is said, “Travel does make one modest” and it isn’t until one makes an effort to break free from the daily chains of routine and monotony and gets going on their very first, or one amongst many adventures and even after all the places that have been marked and discovered, all we see is just a fraction of what our bountiful country has to offer in terms of scenic beauty, cultural heritage and first hand experiences in adventure.