Is Flying Safer Now?



Quite often we see people search the internet looking for answers to the question – is flying safer now? It wouldn’t be far off the mark if such people are regarded as having a fear of flying that almost borders on phobia. There are many people who do not want to fly and this includes celebrities like Dennis Bergkamp, one of the finest strikers to have come out of the Netherlands. He is supposed to have feared flying so much that he spent most of his playing career with Arsenal, a club based in London and mostly preferred to travel as much as possible by car or train. This affected his career as well.


However, there are certain things that one should know with regards to flying. There is a common myth that the pilots are taught how to fly a vehicle by the companies that hire them. Well, this is a wrong notion! They are hired because they have a proper flying licenses and most of them are well educated. They are also healthy individuals with 20/20 vision which is thought to be the ideal figure and have normally flown for more than 3 thousand hours, which means that they have a certain amount of experience. They also try their best to make sure that the passengers do not face any turbulence while flying as that is a marker of their performance.


People, afraid of flying, will also be assured to know that pilots are hired after strenuous psychological tests, where it is made sure that he or she is a conservative individual who pays a lot of attention to details and rarely take any risks in their actual lives, let alone the professional ones. In short they are trustworthy people. Quite often, there are pilots who spend their entire careers without making a mistake of any sort or facing any critical problem like an engine failure. When it comes to engine failure, people who are stricken with the prospect of engine failure will be happy to know a plane can operate safely even if one of its engines is not working properly.


In case a plane is at a height of say 35 thousand feet, which may be described as a cruising height, and its engines stop it still has the capability to stay in that state for half an hour before it comes down to touch the nearest landing spot. Jet engines are also tested to make sure that they are fully functional even if something passes through them on air. If you wish to get more information on this issue please feel free to look up this infographic on flying safety.