Know About the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering

Mountains. (Representative Image)

The Nehru Mountaineering Institute is one of India’s best institutes and one of Asia’s premier mountaineering institutes. It is the only mountaineering institute in India certified by the International Federation for climbing and mountaineering.

History of NIM

NIM was established in 1964 to strengthen the youth. Teach the importance of nature and build a relationship with the natural beauty Of Earth. The institute also aims to instil the importance of environmental education and its conservation.
Uttarkashi, a small town in Uttarakhand, was chosen as the site for this institution. Uttarkashi lies near Gangotri that is known for its rock climbing regions. The city has great potential for mountaineering education as well as training.
Currently India’s Defense Minister, Mr Rajnath Singh is the president of the institute while Uttarakhand’s chief minister, Mr Pushkar Singh Dhami is the Vice-president.

Courses offered by NIM

NIM offers six professional courses, ages ranging from 14-50. The level of expertise for these courses is from basic to advanced. There is something for everyone here which makes this out-of-doors experience something everyone should have.

Adventure course

The adventure course is for those who don’t have any previous training or aren’t familiar with the mountainous terrain. The available activities are Trekking, rock climbing, camping, education about mountainous flora and fauna, mentally and physically challenging tasks for the betterment of your health.

Basic mountaineering course

This is the foundation course for people of all ages. You need to have good physical health, to begin with. This course includes Basic mountainous equipment gear training, map reading, navigation, theoretical knowledge about mountaineering. The course aims to toughen your body so you can endure any harsh situation. It instils a sense of higher achievement and strength.

Advanced mountaineering course

To apply for this course, you need an ‘A’ grade in the basic mountaineering course. It contains advanced and even harsher training routines. This is suggested for those who want to build a career as mountaineering trainers or professional trekkers.

Search and Rescue Course

You need an ‘A’ grade in the advanced mountaineering course for this. The course teaches how to lead rescue and search operations in the mountain regions during floods, landslides or avalanches. It contains education about first-aid, rescue techniques on all mountainous terrains, how to use radio signals and navigation. The intent behind this course is to help the states create professional search and rescue groups with highly trained and skilled individuals.

Methods of instruction course

This is a course for those individuals who want to become instructors and take mountaineering as a career opportunity. They are given sufficient chances to prove themselves as instructors, they’re responsible for making training schedules, handle training sessions and work under close supervision of staff.

The NIM search and rescue team has proved themselves in many natural disasters in Uttarakhand. They played a key role in saving many lives during the Kedarnath floods. In April 2020 the institute achieved yet another milestone. Eight mountaineers for the institute climbed four virgin peaks (unnamed and unscaled peaks) situated above 6000 metres and entered the Limca book of world records for this feat.