Morjim Beach: The Exotic Turtle Beach of Goa

Cross at morjim beach Goa
The Morjim Beach, also known as the Turtle Beach, is located in Pernem, north Goa.

The Morjim Beach, popularly known as the Turtle Beach, is located in Pernem, north Goa. The beach is bestowed with elegant vistas, including a blossoming, green environment.

The Morjim Beach is special as it serves as a hatching and nesting habitat of the Olive Ridley turtles, which are an endangered species. The sight of the tiny hatchlings, turtles and crabs makes your experience at the beach an unforgettable one. Kite surfing is another activity popular at this beach because of its shallow depth.

However, a ban has been imposed on beach parties at turtle-nesting sites, so that the  breeding patterns are not disrupted.

Another of the beach’s popular attractions is a cross on the rock podium on the shores.

One can escape the hustle-bustle of city life and relax in the small huts at the Morjim Beach. Huts also popular as shacks have been built to offer you everything required, whether it be chicken, beer or pancakes for enjoying the visit.

A non-commercial beach, the Morjim Beach provides you harmony and tranquility on its silvery sands under the golden rays in midst of the sound of the waves. The serene atmosphere on the shores of the beach is enhanced with the sight of a majestic sunset, when the beach shines with the last bits of rays and the sky becomes a spectacular sight in itself.

Best time to visit

Tourists should prefer to make a trip to Goa from November to March. It’s during Christmas and New Year that the beach has the best experience to offer.


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