Munnar: The place which has stayed with me

Either it is the mist or it is the greenery, something captures you at Munnar
Either it is the mist or it is the greenery, something captures you at Munnar

One place which stirs a different kind of emotion in my heart is Munnar. The picturesque hill station has its own charm and everyone will vouch for that. But what is there in it which makes me think, let me spend my life there? This place has left an imprint somewhere in my heart which I didn’t realize when I was there.

My romance with Munnar started when I was in Kerala in 2010. We had boarded a bus to travel from Kochi to Munnar. One thing which is very unique about Kerala is that you don’t feel tired while travelling long hours, the reason is of course the beautiful landscape, the greenery which soothes your soul. Our journey almost took 5-6 hours while we soaked up the picturesque surroundings replete with waterfalls and tea plantations here and there. We had AC switched on in the bus and then the tour conductor told us we are switching off the AC and asked us to open the windows to feel the cool breeze. That moment was simply refreshing. It had got dark and I could just make out the tall trees along the road, a small temple, church while on the way.

We reached the hotel and the reception area was on fifth floor. My room was in the basement and that was on third floor. There was not much to do apart from having my dinner and quick shower with cold water. I tried to be bit adventurous by not using the hot water option. I wanted to see out of the window  where I was but couldn’t make out anything in the  darkness outside.

In the morning chirping of the birds woke me up. I knew the moment had come, and I can now see where I was. The scene outside the window was breathtaking. Blue mountains, covered with mist and some cloud floating over it. My love affair with Munnar had started. I didn’t want to go anywhere but just wanted to sit on that cane chair sipping filter coffee and watch the scenery all around and listen to the melody of the chirping of the birds.

Our journey for sightseeing at  Munnar started at 9 am. The greenery, the winding roads around the hills, the trekking to Eravikulum National Park, the light drizzle and the cool breeze all mixed with my senses. The fresh carrots, the boiled corn, the tapioca chips  remain fresh in my memory.

I try to analyze what attracted me there in that place. I think it was the simplicity of  the place, the fact that it grows on you. It doesn’t stump you with something which you take time to absorb but it owns you from the very first day. I felt as if I had discovered a new home. A place where I can find solace. I feel a place communicates with the traveler as well. Talks to him in its own way. Many a times we don’t listen to that though but if we do then that place stays with us always. That is what happened with me at Munnar. The love affair just happened and it lingers on.

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