Ram Raja Temple, Orchha: Where Rama Still Rules as a King

Ram Raja Temple, Orchha
Ram Raja Temple, Orchha
Ram Raja Temple, Orchha

Ram Raja temple, located at Orchha, Madhya Pradesh may seem one of the innumerable sanctified sites, but it stands out among the other Hindu pilgrimages. Here Lord Rama is revered not as a god but as a king, contrary to what the name reflects it’s a palace not a temple, the visitors are served with royal repast and not prasad. The deity is honoured by a gun salute every day as the sun sets.

One of the many legends that link to the cause of its creation tells that the wife of king Madhukar Shah was an impassioned devotee of Lord Rama. The queen prayed to God to appear before her as a child. Due to her long days of fasting and true devotion, Lord Rama granted her wish. When the queen brought the disguised Lord Ram inside the palace and placed him down, Lord Rama became stabile, turning into an idol. Since then the palace of king Madhukar Shah became a temple. Inside the shrine lies the idol of Lord Rama sitting in Lotus position. It is believed that if worshippers look at the left foot’s thumb of the deity, their wish gets fulfilled.

The temple is an exquisite model of fort architecture. Adorned with a dome of pink and golden gloss, the palace exhibits multifaceted arches depicting magnificent themes.

As evident on the streets, the people of the town seem to be soaked up in true devotion for Lord Rama. Clusters of saints enchanting Ram bhajans, with tambura in their hands, can be seen in saffron robes in and around the temple.

The temple is beautifully decked for the celebration of Ram Navmi and Makar Sankranti.


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