Rameshwaram Bridge

A Mesmerizing View of the Rameshwaram Bridge

Location: Palk Strait, Pamban Island to Mainland India

It is ancient, it is important; it is the iconic bridge of Rameshwaram! Also known as the Pamban Bridge, it is the bridge that covers the distance between the Rameshwaram Island and Mainland India. Built in the year 1914, the bridge is touted to be the first Sea bridge of India which was also the longest one till 2010. It runs across a distance of 2.3kilometers with sufficient elevation over the sea.

The Rameshwaram Bridge collectively refers to both the road bridge as well as the cantilever rail bridge running parallel to each other. The rail-bridge, which initially carried only the meter-gauge trains, now runs broad-gauge trains over it. The road-bridge offers a spectacular view of the adjacent rail-bridge as well as that of the islands. Both the bridges individually look majestically impressive in their construction.

Strolling on the bridge in the evenings offers a breathtaking experience that is absolutely impossible to forget!