The Undeciphered Structure of Bijay Mandal in Delhi

Bijay Mandal,Delhi
The Rustic Structure of Bijay Mandal in Delhi
Bijay Mandal, Delhi
The Rustic Structure of Bijay Mandal in Delhi

Location: Kalu Sarai Village near IIT, New Delhi

Deciphering the archaeological history of Delhi is really a hard task to do! You never know what is camouflaged in those silently standing mystical structures which were built centuries ago. Recently, I somehow stumbled upon a similar puzzling structure of which no one had any clear knowledge about. After having researched for hours, I found out that it was the “thousand pillared” palace of the most eccentric ruler, Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. The huge complex of the fort is a part of Jahanpanah, one of the four cities of Delhi Sultanate.

Built in the 14th century, the Bijay Mandal fort almost remains in ruins now. Though it is supposedly the palace of the emperor, it looks nothing but a damped structure with no architectural beauty. It was constructed by Allauddin Khilji with some additions by Muhammad bin Tughlaq. The entire structure has been positioned on a raise platform, surmounted by another higher platform. A ramp on the side leads to an octagonal pavilion that offers a spectacular view of the city. On the northern side, lies the shrine of a sufi saint called Sheikh Hasan Tahir, accompanied by several other graves around.

The structure of Bijay Mandal has been deteriorated so much so that it is almost impossible for the archaeologists to decipher the utilities of this fort. Nonetheless, the discovery of a treasure in the last century makes it liable that it must have been the palace of the emperor. A wall and a barbed wire have been enclosed around it to protect the structure from the rapid expansion of the residential areas. Standing as a very simple ruble-masonry structure, it has never been able to attract many visitors to itself. Still, it is definitely a good place for those looking for some peace and solitude in the vicinity of the cumbersome city of Delhi!

Advised Visiting Hours: 9 am- 5 pm


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