Girgaum Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai, the Locals Favourite

Sunset at girgaum chowpatty
The roaring, yet serene sea at sunset

The local favourite ‘Girgaum Chowpatty’ (Girgaon chowpati) hotspot joins the famous ‘C-shaped’ Marine drive which lies between Nariman point and the former one. I have no idea how it got the tag of Chowpatty, but I guess Mumbaikars like to call it that way. This place was having an utmost priority in my list because I am a street photography enthusiast.

Diving into the sea at chowpatty
Kids derive pleasure in diving into the sea

Splendid it was to spend an evening there, all alone by myself just watching that enormous sea roaring and gulping down the sun as the evening passed. Yes, it was an unusual experience for me to watch the kids making their dream castles and carving them to their level of perfection. No wonder it’s the most sought after place to play beach volleyball.

Boating at Chowpatty
Boats are a common sight at the Chowpatty sea

I cherished the moments, saw the various reactions on faces of people who came there for the first time, who were experiencing the waves. One can easily spot the difference between an outsider and a local.

The setting sun at girgaum chowpatty
The setting sun – a soothing sight

I took a long look at the sea waves with the setting sun at its backdrop to my heart’s content. It felt so calm and peaceful!

Bhelpuri at Chowpatty
Fresh and Lip-smacking Bhelpuri

What to eat there ? Always keep your belly empty for that lip-smacking Bhelpuri which you can get there in abundance. Apart from that Pav bhaji, barf gola, sev puri, malai kulfi are a must try. My advice would be to go empty stomach and starve yourself before going there !

Local fair at girgaum chowpatty
Variety is aplenty at the local fair

This place is not only famous for the above mentioned things, it holds a special place in peoples’ hearts because it is used at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi for the immersion of the idol of Lord Ganesha. It’s a century-old ritual which people follow.