Places to See in Haji Ali Dargah, where people of all faiths find God’s Grace

Haji Ali as viewed from the coast.
Haji Ali dargah
Haji Ali dargah as viewed from the coast

One of the most popular religious places in Mumbai, Haji Ali dargah was erected in the early nineteenth century and inside it lies the sepulchre of saint Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. Open to all religions, this place is full  of visitors throughout the day.

Haji Ali
Minaret and the tomb standing tall amidst the vast expanse of the sea


Rose chadars
Rose chadars are prominent at the Haji Ali dargah

As I reached the dargah and started clicked photographs, I found that the place had a divine ambience. Serene it was, resonant with the songs enchanting the name of saint Haji Ali. The tomb has a wall ornamented with beautiful mirror work of different colours and 99 names of “Allah” inscribed in the Arabic language. As they say, this dargah possesses a magical power because even the ocean is powerless to submerge it.

People heading towards Haji Ali dargah
People heading towards the tomb, driven by faith

Situated on the Mumbai shoreline, this place holds a special place in Mumbaikars’ hearts for its universal message of communal harmony, peace and brotherhood and sufism.

A panoramic view of the dargah of Haji Ali
A panoramic view of the dargah of Haji Ali