Top Places to Visit in November

Places to Visit in November
November is the month to be going places

Mildly cool breezes, clear skies, a subtle chill, and a more welcomed sun. Rings any bells? Well, this is the time when the month of November – naturally charged with the air of festivity and undertones of autumn- dawns upon us. It is perhaps the best month to get out of your cosy abodes and see the nature settling in the new season. Places look effortlessly extra-beautiful and there are plenty of places to visit in November. However, there are some specific locales in the country which ‘come alive’ in this month. Read on to find about the places you should squeeze in your itinerary for the year’s most beautiful month…

1. Pushkar, Rajasthan- For A ‘Fairy- tale’ November

The biggest USP of Pushkar is its one of a kind Annual Pushkar Camel Fair, which takes place in … ta-dah, November only! This fair is a complete package capturing Rajasthan’s unique tradition and eccentric fun-filled activities you’ll only find in the western state. Test your quirky skills by entering in the longest moustache contest, see how good you are at camel decoration, bask in the traditional music performances from the local artists, dance to the tunes of desert musicians, or capture videos of some offbeat moves by gypsy dancers.

Every year, it takes place on the Pushkar bank’s lake. This year, it’ll be held from 15 November to 23 November. The best thing about it is that here you get to the ‘meat’ of the Rajasthani culture as some performers are semi-nomadic who know nothing but the sacred traditions and practices taught to them by their previous generation. A true way to breathe in the real Rajasthani vibes!

Plus, while you plan a trip there, you can even add the beautiful nearby hill station Mount Abu to your itinerary.

2. Almora- For the Love of God, Winters, and Hills

This town, sitting in the hills of Uttarakhand, is dearly called a window to the bucolic views of Himalayas. In Almora, you can catch the winter vibes early, for it gets comfortably cooler in November. This is the ultimate winter experience package for those who live in the urban cities and miss on the snowy version of rolling hills. First, there is that gentle peace, that is inherently around the snowy areas, and then there’s a skyline jagged with the snow-capped hills coupled with a backdrop decorated with oak and pine trees. In addition, those visiting for pilgrimage reasons can find plenty of experiences in worship places like Nanda and Chital Devi temples. And, needless to say, you’ll get lots of trekking opportunities in this hilly terrain.

3. Gir Wildlife Sanctuary- Enter the ‘Leonatic’ Fringe

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Be the first one to click the wild beasts lounging around in their territories. The Gir forest has been closed for the entire monsoon season and is now opened. Moreover, in winters, the possibility of spotting the lions also increases. So, this is the perfect time to head there. This sanctuary has been preserving the lions’ lives against the poaching and hunting since 1975. The Asiatic lion is quite popular over the globe and is no wonder the sanctuary stays jammed with tourists for a good part of the year. Here, you’ll find lots of photo-ops, but no selfies with the ‘star’ of the show, of course.

4. Goa – For Beaches and Churches


Just the mention of Goa and a palm tree along a sea with its swaying leaves instantly conjures up in our heads. Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, and Calangute Beach are the best places in the mini-state to enjoy the waters. But besides the beach fun, we’ll tell you two more things, which makes this a strong contender for a place in your November tour list. Firstly, the parts of old Goa are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which it totally deserves as the place’s old-Portuguese charm reflected through convents and churches never gets old. Secondly, November is the month when the festival ‘Feast of St.Francis Xavier’ is held. His mortals are still kept in a silver chest as a way to show veneration to the saint. Lakhs of devotees show up every year at this time to be part of this unmatchable rhythm.

5. Varanasi – Nearer to God … for Fun

If you love Diwali, this is the place to be. Here, you can witness the live grand aartis and soak in the enchanting view of thousands of diyas lighting up the stairs to the river and the river itself gleaming with all the light jiggling on its waves. This is also the month when Ganga Mahotsav takes place in Varanasi. This lasts for whole 5 days and is a perfect ‘viewpoint’ to see the rich cultural heritage of India. Plus, during the Mahotsav, you can enjoy side-activities like kite flying, boating, wrestling, and more. Also, some of the very famous music artists like Kailash Kher, Pandit Birju Maharaj, and more perform there for the festivity. Now, what more can you ask from a November trip! There’s a low-key concert, a spiritual experience at the bank of sacred Ganga, and some light fun activities. If you ask us, it’s November well spent.

So this was our list. Do you have something in mind, too? Do tell us in the comment section below.