Travel Essentials for Mountain Lovers!


Its that time of the year when maximum number of people flock to the hill stations to make the most of the chilly cold breezes and the spectacular snowfall. Fortunately, India has an array of hill-stations that attracts all kinds of travelers. The beauty and serenity of the hill-stations captivates the soul and urges us to spend some time there. The pearl white snowflakes and the cool semblance of the hills in winters push us all the more to quickly find a place amidst the mountains. But as they say, the best things in life are not easy, so is the case with hill stations. Travelling to the hill-stations can be a little tricky, especially during winters. To avoid any kind of hassles in your leisure trip, its always wise to take care of a few important things.

So today I bring to you a list of some of the most important travelling essentials that should be taken care of while moving to the hill-stations! Here it goes :

  • Always select a hill-station keeping in mind your mood of travelling. If you want to spend some quality time in solitude go to a place which would be less crowded.
  • Always make your bookings in advance. ¬†With a lot of people travelling in winters, it is quite possible that you might not find place in the hotel of your choice.
  • Make sure to pack the essential items in your bag. Hill stations in winters can be much colder than you expect. Always keep sufficient winter clothes with you.
  • A pair of good shoes is the basic necessity of the hill-stations.
  • The twist and turns in the hills can cause traveling sickness, therefore, keep some useful medicines with you.
  • For those who have vomiting sensations, eat light food while travelling and keep a lemon with you.
  • Keep yourself covered in severe cold. Use cold creams to protect your skin.
  • It is advisable to make use of taxis for commuting since the taxi drivers are much experienced for driving in hills. However, if you choose to drive your own vehicle make sure you get your vehicle checked first.
  • Keep your petrol tanks full. Drive slowly and be light on the turns. Avoid over-taking.
  • It is better to avoid trekking on animals. The surface is slippery in winters and there is a risk of falling off.

Taking care of these basic necessities can make your travel even more comfortable and fruitful. Do the needful and enjoy a memorable stay amidst the mountains!