What are the popular places to visit in Nagaland?

On India’s northeastern border, Nagaland has fiercely preserved a rich culture that has always piqued visitors’ interest. The state is sometimes a conglomerate of up to 23 tribal groups, each with a vibrant and colourful lifestyle that characterizes India’s greatest sub-cultures.

In the past, Nagaland was an unknown location for travellers with little knowledge and exploration experience. However, for travellers looking for unique experiences, this is the place to be.

Here’s a list of the most incredible things to do in Nagaland for those interested in the experiences that this northeastern Indian state has to offer:

  • Wild Safari in Ntangki National Park

It was a former Nagaland Forest reserve. Touring here is one of the enjoyable things to do in Nagaland. This location in the Peren area was a forest reserve in 1923. It was later preserved as a wildlife refuge. The natural reserve area was expanded to cover 5,120 acres. It was designated as National Park in 1993. It is 110 kilometres from the capital city of Kohima. This National Park is a must-see for environment lovers and animal enthusiasts. You may take a vehicle safari and explore this nature reserve on a day visit.

If you’re lucky, you could come across a group of elephants around the lakes. Predators such as the lion, tiger, and leopard can be found. Some monkeys are indigenous to Southeast Asian countries. A sloth bear may be found in meadows. Birds such as the white-breasted kingfisher and the hornbill are frequently seen on trees, rivers, and lakes. You may observe pythons and monitor lizards among the reptiles. You can explore this wildlife in its natural surroundings.

  • Camp out at the Satoi Range

The Satoi Range, one of India’s few surviving virgin forests, is outstanding hiking and camping in Nagaland. The mountain range, located in the Zunheboto area, is home to the Blyth’s Tragopan, a rare bird species that is a surprise to see. Sightings of rare rhododendrons throughout April and May make it one of the state’s most popular locations. The old caverns and overhanging rocks are ideal for setting up camp.

  • Visit Nagaland State Museum

When you get to Kohima, you must go to the Nagaland State Museum. It is the best venue to see original arts and crafts from 16 indigenous tribes. Upper Bayavu Hill, only a 20-minute walk away, must be reached. You must arrive between 09:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. You may visit this museum for INR 10 and your camera for INR 50. This museum may need more than three hours to tour history lovers and anyone interested in cultural heritage. Others may require one or two hours. It is worth going to see its art collection, artefacts, learn about the history of the deep Naga tribal groups, and see wearables and other items that are unique to this area.

  • Experience the Naga lifestyle at Touphema Village

Touphema Village, located 41 kilometres from Kohima City, allows visitors to experience authentic Angami culture and lifestyle. It is a community-run organization that may assist you in exploring a new culture and social system with the support of locals. Enjoy the finest Naga cuisine when visiting Touphema, from traditional rice beer to bamboo-baked meals. This ancient village is best seen between October and May and during the Angami Sekrenyi, a traditional celebration held in February.