Nagpur Doctors

The Nagpur doctors have taken it to their responsibility to procure the most authentic and most importantly correct treatment to the ailing individuals so that they succeed in recovering from their diseases as soon as possible. The Nagpur doctors also make it a point to make certain exceptions in case of those patients who cannot afford to pay their fees. In such cases, the doctors of Nagpur treat them for free.

The doctors in Nagpur specialize in many different categories like ENT, Eyes-Specialists, Orthopedics, Surgeons and many more.

The most renowned and famed doctors at Nagpur are listed below:-

  • Dr Pramod G Shende
    Housing Coly Waklipeth Nagpur-440009
    Phone: 0712-2710727

  • Dr Solanke J D
    By Pass Rd,Camp Amravati-444602
    Phone: 0712-2664844

  • Dr Ms. P S Moreshwar
    Bhandara Road Nr Iwaribata Shop Nagpur-440002
    Phone: 0712-2779215

  • Dr Nitin R Warghane
    Plot No 71 Saket Ngr Nagpur-440027
    Phone: 0712-2754560

  • Dr S R Nikan
    Radheshyam Apt Opp Samolwar School Khamla Nagpur-440015
    Phone: 0712-2232574

  • Dr Rajesh Singh Thakur
    18,Mahalaxmi Nagar No1 Manewadi Rd, Nagpur-440024
    Phone: 0712-2749341

  • Dr S A Nikose
    22 Teka Naka C/O Chandrashekhar Dargda Asi Ngr Nagpur-440017
    Phone: 0712-2646321

  • Dr Sharaddha Prashant
    3,Ambazari Hill Top Nagpur-440010
    Phone: 0712-2553787

  • Dr Mohan Padole
    Plot 15-A Rajabakshaw L/O Medical Sq Nagpur
    Phone: 0712-2744745

  • Dr A Metangale
    1458 New Nandanwan Nagpur-440009
    Phone: 0712-2712294

  • Dr Vimal A Hanote
    1397 New Nandanvan Layout Nagpur-440024
    Phone: 0712-2712193

  • Dr Sunil Kadu
    Old Bus Stand,Chandur Railway Amravati Nagpur-440004
    Phone: 0712-234194

    Last Updated on 9/26/2011