Orchha Vacation

Orchha Vacation provides tourist opportunity to explore this archaic land of palaces and temples. Spending a Vacation in Orchha is a thrilling experience. Orchha is the perfect holiday destination for tourists and foreign travelers. Orchha, lying very close to Jhansi is surrounded by hills and lush green vegetation. Since Orchha is encircled by hills, its weather is very pleasant and cool ideal for Vacationing. The best time to visit this exotic village town is between the months October and March. In order to visit all the interesting places of Orchha travel agents should be contacted. They are able to guide the tourists in the right direction and arrange hassle free trips for them.

There is a square situated centrally in Orchha where a wide array of goods are sold in huge numbers. Small shops and bazaars selling ethnic Orchha items are the main attractions of the tourists. Outdoor activities such as boating and forest trekking are some of the most exciting experiences that adventure lovers indulge in. These are some of the popular tourist activities in Orchha, which should definitely be an integral part of Orchha vacation.

The must-see-places while touring Orchha are as follows:
  • Ram Raja temple adorns the image of Rama. It is a beautiful temple, which is worth admiring
  • Chaturbhuj temple is another of its kind which is richly decorated with silver entrance doors
  • The palace fort Jehangir Mahal built across the river Betwa is an exquisite fort, which provides tourists a good view of the surrounding rural areas. Very close to Jehangir Mahal is Raj Praveen Mahal that is encircled by a beautiful garden.
  • The vast stretches of floower gawrdens known as the Phool Bagh is one of the popular touirts spots in Orchha.
  • The cenotophs or "Chhhatris" of the ancient rulers of Orchha are also worth noticing
In order to spend a holiday in Orchha tourists must avail the best of accommodation in Orchha. There are many luxury and inexpensive hotels within the town, which provides all the latest facilities along with hotel amenities to the tourists. Orchha resort and Amar Mahal Hotel are some of the most impressive hotels that offer excellent accommodation to the tourists coming from various nook and corner of the world. Orchha is gradually becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations. As people are knowing more about Orchha and its tranquil beauty the number of tourists visiting Orchha have increased manifold.

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Last Updated on 19/06/2013