Boating in Orchha

Boating in Orchha is one of the popular Orchha activities that tourists love to indulge in. Boating in the river Betwa provides a thrilling experience to all those adventure seekers and nature lovers. Boating across the blue waters of Orchha offers tourists the opportunity to sojourn the entire town. The surrounding lush green vegetation along with the the high hills and the sound of the gurgling water makes the boating experience one of the most unforgettable experiences.

Hired or chartered boats offer water cruises to the tourists. Canoing in Orchha is offered by some of the resorts that are situated around river Betwa and river Jamni. The surrounding tiny river islands can be easily viewed while canoing There are some discount or cheap cruises available all round th year for the economic traveler. Boating is an enchanting activity that provides a soothing retreat to the tourists visiting Orchha.

Last Updated on 19/06/2013