Jobs in Panaji

The colleges and other educational institutions in the city largely contribute towards creating the prospects for the jobs in Panaji. Jobs form an integral part of the socio-economic life of the city.

To begin with, it can be said that the colleges and institutions of the city, especially the technical colleges, largely contribute towards uplifting the prospects of job in Panaji. The job trainings offered by a number of technical institutions enhances level of competence of the students of the city; thus, help them to find jobs in the city. Moreover, with the rapid growth of the tourism industry in Panaji many new jobs opportunities have opened in the hospitality sector. Many hotels are also opening in the city, thus increasing job opportunities within the city. One can come across a number of jobs pertaining to the hotel industry. Furthermore, with the proliferation of IT sector, many IT jobs are also available in Panaji. BPO and KPO jobs also form an integral part of the job sector in Panaji.

Last Updated on: 15/05/2013