Panaji Economy

Panaji economy is based on tourism, hospitality or hotel and restaurants and trade and commerce of the city. It is interesting to note that tourism based art and artifacts also contribute towards the economy of Panaji. The administrative activities largely influence the economy of the city.

To begin with, it can be said that trade and commerce forms the economic base of Panaji. The tourism related trade and commerce play a significant role in the role of the city. Hotels, shopping malls and restaurants of Panaji form an integral part of the economy. Moreover, it is noteworthy that Panaji forms the market center of the adjoining towns and cities. Various items pertaining to consumer needs, especially electronic goods and building materials are sold in Panaji. Among the important shopping areas in Panaji are MUN Building (near Elorado Theatre), St Inez, New Near Mun Market, Praca de Commercio Building and many other shops. These shopping areas include a number a shops that include gold, cloth, art and artifacts, mutton and liquor shops. The shopping area also includes private offices, theater and book shops.

Furthermore, the city of Panaji does not possess any industrial establishments; yet there are a number industries at a range of 15 kilometers from the city. These industries largely influence the economy of Panaji. Moreover, the Corlim Industrial estate of the important industrial estates in Panaji that form an important part of the economy of Panaji. The industrial estate contains about 58 industrial units that enhances the economic prospects of the city.

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Last Updated on: 15/05/2013