Shopping in Panaji

Shopping in Panaji provides a delightful experience to the tourists coming to the city. Panaji is, in fact, a shopper's paradise. It is one of the most popular shopping destinations in India, where one can buy a wide range of things including handicrafts and artifacts. It is noteworthy that as a large number of tourists come to Panaji every year. Therefore, a huge amount of revenue is generated through shopping, which largely influences the economy of the city.

There are many markets in Panaji that exhibits some of the rare collection of artifacts. Tourists can buy terracotta shell work, brass ware, curios and old coins, carved furnitures, shell work and many other items at the shops in Panaji. Furthermore, the beaches located at a vicinity to the city also contribute towards shopping in Panaji. The beach shops present a rich collection of handicrafts. Tourists carry these handicrafts as souvenirs to their native land. Miramar beach, located about 3 kilometers from Panaji, is one of the famous shopping destinations in Goa. Tourists can buy trendy beach wear and hammocks at Miramar beach.

Besides the local market and the beach shop, the government emporiums in the city also contribute towards the economy of the city. Among the government emporiums of Panaji, Goa Handicrafts Industries Development Corporation Emporium, situated at Tourist Hotel, deserves special mention. Tourists throng the emporium to buy beautiful items of handicraft.

Last Updated on: 15/05/2013