Rajkot Bandhani Work

Rajkot Bandhani Work is famous all over the world for its rich hues and attracting shades. Rajkot is counted as one of the major Bandhani centers of Gujarat state. Tie and dye is the common practice which is involved in the Bandhani arts of Rajkot. A plain piece of cloth is generally used which is tied with threads and dyed with various colors.

The tie and dye technique of Bandhani is considered as one of the oldest Rajkot art. The artisans who are involved with Bandhani art of Rajkot are quite deft in the same. The way in which the single color cloths get a bright nuance establishes the very popularity of Bandhani art. Today, the various Bandhani apparels are not only manufactured for the local people of Rajkot but also for other Indian states.

The Bandhani sarees and odhnis of Rajkot are known to captivate the imagination of one and all. The womenfolk of Rajkot are often seen wearing a colorful range of Bandhani sarees. The multi-colored Bhandhani dupattas are also famous in Rajkot.

Rajkot has always been a center of major art forms in the state of Gujarat. The local craftsmen and artisans have contributed significantly towards the enrichment of the multi-dimensional art forms of Rajkot city. Bandhani work is the apt manifestation of one such art expression of Rajkot.

Symbolizing the vibrant array of hand-made clothes the Bandhani work of Rajkot is truly a matter of pride both for the buyers and the makers of such a splendid art.

Last Updated on 06/06/2013