Rajkot Culture

Rajkot Culture represents a vibrant array of traditional and contemporary aspects that collectively makes the city one of the most sought-after destination of Gujarat state. The city of Rajkot is rich with an ancient heritage. The culture of Rajkot mainly comprises of a number of domains. The food corners and restaurants of Rajkot are one such special aspect of the culture of the city. Being famous for the rich and spicy food Rajkot houses several restaurants that serve authentic local delicacies as well as global cuisine.

The festivals of Rajkot are yet another fascinating part of its dynamic culture. The international kite festival and Navaratri are the two main occasions when Rajkot becomes a bright base of merriment.

The art of Rajkot which primarily includes mukita handicraft and bandhani work is renowned all over the world. The local craftsmen who are engaged in these two artistic works are known for their intricate skills.

The entertainment sector is counted as another vital element of the culture of Rajkot. The spa salons and the shopping centers that are located across the length and breadth of Rajkot enhances the tourism prospect of the place.

The people of Rajkot are known to have contributed significantly towards the enrichment of the cultural aura of the city. Being jovial by nature, the Rajkot people are recognized for their business acumen. Also, mastery over a range of hand-works is one of the unique traits of the people of Rajkot.

It can be said that from the colorful festivals to the local artworks Rajkot is a pulsating platform of cultural dynamism.

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Last Updated on 06/06/2013