Navaratri Festival, Rajkot

Navaratri Festival, Rajkot is a popular fete which is celebrated across the length and breadth of Gujarat. Garba dancing is an enchanting part of the Navaratri Festival in Rajkot. The nine days during which Navaratri Festival is celebrated, the people of Rajkot city indulge in various religious and cultural activities.

The religious significance of Navaratri festival speaks of its association with the the bliss of Shakti or eternal Power. In some parts of Gujarat the nine days of Navaratri are considered as pious and local people visit various temples on this occasion.

Navaratri festival in Rajkot is celebrated with unparalleled vigor. People adorn themselves with bright attires and accessories and get ready for the Navaratri nights. While the men wear colorful local dance costumes, the womenfolk prefer to use various gold ornaments while participating in the Navaratri festival of Rajkot city.

Dandiya and Garba dances are the two main forms that are performed during this festival. Starting from the mid-night people keep dancing till the dawn on all the nine nights of Navaratri festival. Sometimes a Garba or Dandiya competition is also conducted and at the end of the Navaratri festival the dancers who have performed exceptionally well are rewarded.

An atmosphere of glee and enthusiasm can be seen during the nine days of Navaratri Festival in Rajkot. From elderly people to youth everyone seems to be in a mood of celebration while the Navaratri Festival is going on in Rajkot.

Reflecting an aura of festive spirit the Rajkot Navaratri Festival truly widens the cultural spectrum of the city.

Last Updated on 06/06/2013