Restaurants in Rajkot

Restaurants in Rajkot are popular for dishing out a variety of mouthwatering preparations. A bustling city of Gujarat state, Rajkot has a unique blend of food habits. Since the people of Rajkot mainly prefer vegetarian recipes hence the restaurants of the city offer a wide array of pure and delicious menus.

Thakar restaurant of Rajkot is a popular eatery corner of the city. From special Gujarati thalis to South Indian delectables the Thakar restaurant of Rajkot city is popular for serving all kinds of authentic dishes. Also a range of lip-smacking North Indian cuisines are available in this restaurant of Rajkot.

Big Bite Food Court is another interesting eatery zone of Rajkot. Chinese and continental cuisines are the main appeals of the Big bite Food Court. Also, a number of snacks and fruit juices are served in the Big bite Food Court of Rajkot.

Dotted with several restaurants and snack bars, Rajkot today is synonymous to a food haven of Gujarat. Although the local people stick to strict vegetarian palates, people from other states of India can taste the non-vegetarian dishes too.

The Rajkot restaurant specially known for vegetarian delectables are also quite efficient in serving non-vegetarian menus. From pizza and burger to chicken and fish preparations, the restaurants in Rajkot offer all types of cuisines to the food connoisseurs.

There is no denying the fact that the restaurants in Rajkot are quite deft in tickling the taste buds of one and all through an infinite range of delectable dishes.

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Last Updated on 06/06/2013