Rameshwaram Activities

There are various types of Rameshwaram activities, which are quite popular among the residents of this city and the tourists. Information about these various activities is an important part of one's Rameshwaram travel guide.

One of the most popular activities at Rameshwaram is organizing a picnic. The picturesque beaches of Dhanushkodi, Olaikuda and Pamban offer beautiful sites for organizing picnic. The Olaikuda Beach is situated at a distance of about 1 km from the main city temple. This beach is also an ideal place for bathing.

Tourists staying at Rameshwaram for a considerable period of time can pay a visit to the places nearby the city. The tomb of Saint Ibrahim Syed Aulia, located at Erawadi, is a popular tourist destination near Rameshwaram. There are other venues like the ancient Shiva temple and the Ram Vilas Palace of Sethupati Kings.

Rameshwaram is also famous among the nature lovers. Bird watching is another favorite tourist activity of Rameshwaram. Different varieties of birds like Sea Gulls and Australian Flamingos fly to Rameshwaram in the months of winter. The place looks beautiful with birds of different color, shapes and sizes. The chirping of these birds makes the evenings more enjoyable in Rameshwaram.

Scuba diving is one of the most popular water sports that are practiced in this part of Tamil Nadu. With the help of respiration tubes and diving glasses, one can enjoy this sport here.

The city of Rameshwaram offers good shopping opportunities to the tourists. One of the most popular shopping items in the city is the silk saris, which are easily available.

Last Updated on : 17/06/2013