Ranchi Business

Ranchi business mainly comprises various kinds of industries, shops and different kind of trades in Ranchi. Besides, the real estate segment has also been playing a major role in the business sector of Ranchi.

Every year, a large number of people visit Ranchi for both business and pleasure trips. For this reason, many hotels have been built in and around the city to provide accommodation to these travelers. Thus hotel industry has emerged as one of the major businesses of Ranchi. The restaurants of Ranchi are also making a good business in the place.

There are also a good number of small and big shops in Ranchi. These shops include shops for books, gifts, jewelries, furniture, handicrafts, handlooms and textile. Ranchi business is largely supported by the banks of Ranchi. Some of the renowned banks like the Allahabad bank, Bank of Baroda, UBI and UCO Bank have their branches in Ranchi.

Besides there are many industries in Ranchi, that play a major role in regulating the business in Ranchi. Here the part played by the Ranchi Industrial Area Development Authority is commendable. For starting a business on forest and mineral based products, Ranchi is an ideal location as there are large reserves of mineral and forest resources.

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Last Updated on 13/05/2013