Geography of Ranchi

According to the geography of Ranchi, this city of Jharkhand is located at 23.23° N latitude and 85.23°E longitude. The total area covered by Ranchi is 35 square kilometers. This city is located at a height of 2,140 feet above sea level. There is a number of sightseeing spots in Ranchi and its hinterland.

Geographically, Ranchi is located in the Chota Nagpur plateau. Once upon a time it used to be the summer capital of Bihar. The most important river of Ranchi is river Subarnarekha, which flowing by the side of the city, is considered to be an important water source of the city as well as the state. The geographical position of Ranchi is such that the National Highway number 33 and 23 falls in Ranchi.

The Ranchi District is divided into a total of 3 administrative sub-divisions. They are Ranchi, Bundu and Khunti. These are further divided into several villages, panchayats and blocks.

Ranchi Climate

The climate of Ranchi can be broadly classified into three main seasons. They are summer, winter and monsoon. The temperature of Ranchi during summer varies from a minimum of 20.6° Centigrade to a maximum of 37.2° Centigrade. During winter the temperature varies from a minimum of 10.3° Centigrade to a maximum of 22.9° Centigrade. Ranchi receives an annual rainfall of about 1530 mm.

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