Ranchi Weather

Ranchi weather is quite comfortable in the winter months from December to February. The elevation of 620 meters above sea level makes the climate of Ranchi comfortable for human beings. Generally, the Ranchi weather is quite dry with very less humidity.

In the winter of Ranchi the temperature ranges from 10° Celsius to 22° Celsius. The tourists feel comfortable to put on a sweater in the daytime of the winter days in Ranchi. In the city nights during the winter season are quite cold. The usage of blankets is recommended for every tourist in at night.

The weather of Ranchi is friendly during summer as well. Once, Ranchi was recognized as the summer capital of the State of Bihar. During summer in Ranchi, the temperature varies from 20° Celsius to 37° Celsius. The Tourism Ministry of Ranchi recommends the tourists to wear white clothes during day time in summer. The hot wind blows during day time in summer and henceforth the tourists have to cover their nose while traveling in and around Ranchi during day. The nights in the summer months at Ranchi are quite comfortable due to its altitude and location in the Chota Nagpur Plateau.

In the summer or winter, there is very little rainfall in Ranchi. However, in the monsoon season stretching from June to September, Ranchi experiences an average rainfall of 1,100 millimeters.