Ranchi Health Care Facility

Ranchi health care facility includes both government owned and operated hospitals as well as health care facilities run by private companies or individuals. The privately run health care facilities in Ranchi cater to the economically empowered populace.

Ranchi health care facility attends patients from all over the Jharkhand region. A substantial number of patients also come from the neighboring Indian state of Bihar. This is particularly true for persons with mental problems. Ranchi city has a number of hospitals catering to patients with a long history of mental illness. The catchment area of the health care facilities of Ranchi extends to about 400 kilometers from the capital city.

Ranchi has a number of government run hospitals. The Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences or RIMS is the largest hospital in Jharkhand state. The Rajendra Institute is a reputed government health care facility. The list of private health care facilities of Ranchi includes the branch hospital of the Indian health care giant-the Apollo Hospitals Group. The Apollo Hospital offers world-class heart surgery to the economically able patients of the region. Patients belonging to the lower income group may enlist themselves in the hospital run by the Ramakrishna Mission. The Ramakrishna Mission hospital specializes in tuberculosis treatment.

There are also many clinics, X-ray clinics and medical shops, which can be found at every corner of the city of Ranchi. The blood banks located in the city are well equipped to cater to the need of the patients in critical condition. Ambulance is provided by most of the hospitals and nursing homes. However, ambulance can also be arranged from the ambulance service providers. Homeo clinic can also be found in Ranchi for those people, who do not believe in allopathy.

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Last Updated on 19/06/2013