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Hospitals in Ranchi

Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand state in India. There are a number of public and private Ranchi hospitals caring for patients residing in the city and in the adjoining region.

There are a number of public Ranchi hospitals. These hospitals are owned and administered by the government. The government Ranchi hospitals provide quality health care at an affordable price. The facilities provided in these hospitals are basic and functional in nature. Patients with comparatively more purchasing power may enlist themselves as patients in one of the many private hospitals in the city. The Ranchi mental hospitals like RINPAS Mental Hospital in Kanke cater to patients of all age and economic groups.

The Ranchi Medical College Hospital offers the MBBS course to its prospective students. Post Graduate medical courses like MD and MS are also offered in the institute. The medical college also treats patients in addition to performing its academic duties.

List of Hospitals in Ranchi

  • Sadar Hospital
    Main Road, Ranchi
    Phone: 2312618, 2317882

  • Apollo Hospitals Group
    Irba, Ranchi
    Phone: 2275717, 2275699, 2275786, 2275899

  • Anjuman Islamia Hospital
    Near Ratan Cinema, Ranchi
    Phone: 2312524

  • Bharati Hospital (Main Hospital)
    Kokar Chowk, H.B.Road, Ranchi
    Phone: 2544133, 2544134

  • C.C.L. Hospital
    Gandhi Nagar, Ranchi
    Phone: 2314852

  • E. S. I. Hospital
    Namkum, Ranchi
    Phone: 2305368

  • Doranda State Hospital
    Doranda, Ranchi
    Phone: 2502663

  • Army Hospital
    Namkum, Ranchi
    Phone: 2520245

  • Raj Hospital
    Main Road, Ranchi
    Phone: 2306128, 2308098

  • H. E. C. Hospital
    Dhurva, Ranchi
    Phone: 2408525, 2408436

  • Rajender Medical College Hospital
    Bariatu, Ranchi
    Phone: 2302551, 2315628

  • Bharati Hospital (Clinic)
    Anantpur, Overbridge, Ranchi
    Phone: 2505333

  • Holi Family Hospital
    Mander, Ranchi
    Phone: 2745050

  • Davis Institute of Psychiatric
    Kanke, Ranchi
    Phone: 2455360, 2455306

  • Government Vaccine Institute
    Namkum, Ranchi
    Phone: 2455813, 2455811

  • Ispat Hospital
    Mecon, Shyamali, Ranchi
    Phone: 2503351, 2500229

  • Itki T. B. Sanitorium
    Itki Road, Ranchi
    Phone: 277235, 277239

  • Municipal Hospital
    Ratu Road

  • Jeevan Lok Hospital
    Hinoo, Ranchi
    Phone: 2500522

  • Infectious Disease Hospital
    Jail Road, Ranchi
    Phone: 2315192

  • Kendriya Mental Asylum
    Kanke, Ranchi
    Phone: 2301022

  • Ramakrishna Mission Tuberculosis Sanatorium
    Phone: 2290135, 2290149

  • Mahadevi Birla T.B. Sanitorium
    Mahilong, Tatisilwai, Ranchi
    Phone: 2415823, 2415849

  • Nagarmal Modi Sewasadan
    Sewasadan Path, Lake Road, Ranchi
    Phone: 2207406, 2226105, 2229700, 2222911, 2209699

  • Ranchi Mental Asylum
    Kanke Road, Ranchi
    Phone: 2455813

  • Nath Hospital
    Indra Bhawan, Kadru, Ranchi
    Phone: 2301736

  • S. D. A. Mission Hospital
    Bootee Road, Ranchi
    Phone: 2313932, 2305126

  • Niramaya Hospital
    Kokar, Ranchi
    Phone: 2308296

  • Sant Barnavas Hospital
    Church Road, Ranchi
    Phone: 2307430, 2307429

  • Seventh Day Adventist Hospital
    Booty Road, Bariyatu, Ranchi
    Phone: 2315357

  • Shirdi Sai Hospital & Research Center
    Booty Road, Bariyatu, Ranchi
    Phone: 2315357

  • Harmu Hospital and Research Centre
    Harmu Housing Colony
    Ranchi 834002
    Phone: 2242211, 6453068

Last Updated on 19/06/2013