Andhra Pradesh Std Code

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AchampetAndhra Pradesh
AdoniAndhra Pradesh
AlampurAndhra Pradesh
AllagaddaAndhra Pradesh
AlurAndhra Pradesh
AmalapuramAndhra Pradesh
AmangalluAndhra Pradesh
AnakapalleAndhra Pradesh
AnantapurAndhra Pradesh
AndoleAndhra Pradesh
ArakuAndhra Pradesh
ArmoorAndhra Pradesh
AsifabadAndhra Pradesh
AswaraopetAndhra Pradesh
AtmakurAndhra Pradesh
B.-kothakotaAndhra Pradesh
BadvelAndhra Pradesh
BanaganapalleAndhra Pradesh
BandarAndhra Pradesh
BangarupalemAndhra Pradesh
BanswadaAndhra Pradesh
BapatlaAndhra Pradesh
BellampalliAndhra Pradesh
BhadrachalamAndhra Pradesh
BheemunipatnamAndhra Pradesh
BhimadoleAndhra Pradesh
BhimavaramAndhra Pradesh
BhooragamphadAndhra Pradesh
BoathAndhra Pradesh
BobbiliAndhra Pradesh
ChandoorAndhra Pradesh
ChavitidibbaluAndhra Pradesh
ChejerlaAndhra Pradesh
ChepurupalliAndhra Pradesh
CherialAndhra Pradesh
ChevellaAndhra Pradesh
ChinnorAndhra Pradesh
ChintalapudiAndhra Pradesh
ChintapalleAndhra Pradesh
ChiralaAndhra Pradesh
ChittoorAndhra Pradesh
ChodavaramAndhra Pradesh
CuddapahAndhra Pradesh
CumbumAndhra Pradesh
DarsiAndhra Pradesh
DevarakondaAndhra Pradesh
DharmavaramAndhra Pradesh
DichpalliAndhra Pradesh
DiviAndhra Pradesh
DonakondaAndhra Pradesh
DronachalamAndhra Pradesh
EluruAndhra Pradesh
EturnagaramAndhra Pradesh
GajapathinagaramAndhra Pradesh
GajwelAndhra Pradesh
GarladinneAndhra Pradesh
GiddalurAndhra Pradesh
GootyAndhra Pradesh
GudivadaAndhra Pradesh
GudurAndhra Pradesh
GunturAndhra Pradesh
HindupurAndhra Pradesh
HunsabadAndhra Pradesh
HuzurabadAndhra Pradesh
HuzurnagarAndhra Pradesh
IbrahimpatnamAndhra Pradesh
JaggayyapetAndhra Pradesh
JammalamaduguAndhra Pradesh
JangareddygudemAndhra Pradesh
JannaramAndhra Pradesh
KadiriAndhra Pradesh
KaikaluruAndhra Pradesh
KakinadaAndhra Pradesh
KalwakurthyAndhra Pradesh
KalyandurgAndhra Pradesh
KamalapuramAndhra Pradesh
KambadurAndhra Pradesh
KanaganapalleAndhra Pradesh
KandukuruAndhra Pradesh
KanigiriAndhra Pradesh
KavaliAndhra Pradesh
Khanapur(ap)Andhra Pradesh
KodangalAndhra Pradesh
KoduruAndhra Pradesh
KoilkuntlaAndhra Pradesh
KollapurAndhra Pradesh
KovvurAndhra Pradesh
KrosuruAndhra Pradesh
KuppamAndhra Pradesh
KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
LakkireddipalliAndhra Pradesh
MadakasiraAndhra Pradesh
MadanapalliAndhra Pradesh
MadhiraAndhra Pradesh
MadnurAndhra Pradesh
MahabubabadAndhra Pradesh
MahadevapurAndhra Pradesh
MakthalAndhra Pradesh
MandapetaAndhra Pradesh
MangalagiriAndhra Pradesh
ManthaniAndhra Pradesh
MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
MarturuAndhra Pradesh
MedachalAndhra Pradesh
MedarmetlaAndhra Pradesh
MetpalliAndhra Pradesh
MriyalgudaAndhra Pradesh
MulugAndhra Pradesh
MylavaramAndhra Pradesh
NagarkurnoolAndhra Pradesh
NallacheruvuAndhra Pradesh
NampalleAndhra Pradesh
NandigamaAndhra Pradesh
NandikotkurAndhra Pradesh
NandyalAndhra Pradesh
NarasampetAndhra Pradesh
NarasaraopetAndhra Pradesh
NarayanakhedAndhra Pradesh
NarsapurAndhra Pradesh
NarsipatnamAndhra Pradesh
NazviduAndhra Pradesh
NelloeAndhra Pradesh
NidamanurAndhra Pradesh
NuguruAndhra Pradesh
OngoleAndhra Pradesh
OutsarangapalleAndhra Pradesh
PaderuAndhra Pradesh
PakalaAndhra Pradesh
PalakondaAndhra Pradesh
PalandAndhra Pradesh
PalmaneruAndhra Pradesh
PamuruAndhra Pradesh
PargiAndhra Pradesh
ParkalAndhra Pradesh
ParvathipuramAndhra Pradesh
PathapatnamAndhra Pradesh
PattikondaAndhra Pradesh
PeapalleAndhra Pradesh
PeddapalliAndhra Pradesh
PeddapuramAndhra Pradesh
PenukondaAndhra Pradesh
PidugurallaAndhra Pradesh
PilerAndhra Pradesh
PithapuramAndhra Pradesh
PodiliAndhra Pradesh
PolavaramAndhra Pradesh
ProddaturAndhra Pradesh
PulivendlaAndhra Pradesh
PunganurAndhra Pradesh
PutturuAndhra Pradesh
RajahmundriAndhra Pradesh
RajampetaAndhra Pradesh
RamachandrapuramAndhra Pradesh
RamannapetAndhra Pradesh
RampachodavaramAndhra Pradesh
RapurAndhra Pradesh
RayachotiAndhra Pradesh
RayadurgAndhra Pradesh
RazoleAndhra Pradesh
RepalleAndhra Pradesh
SaluruAndhra Pradesh
SathupalliAndhra Pradesh
SattenapalleAndhra Pradesh
SatyaveduAndhra Pradesh
ShadnagarAndhra Pradesh
SiddavattamAndhra Pradesh
SileruAndhra Pradesh
SodamAndhra Pradesh
SompetaAndhra Pradesh
SrikakulamAndhra Pradesh
SrikalahasthiAndhra Pradesh
SrisailamAndhra Pradesh
SrungavarapukotaAndhra Pradesh
State NameAndhra Pradesh
SudhimallaAndhra Pradesh
SullarpetAndhra Pradesh
TadepalligudemAndhra Pradesh
TadipatriAndhra Pradesh
TanukuAndhra Pradesh
TekkaliAndhra Pradesh
TenaliAndhra Pradesh
ThungaturthyAndhra Pradesh
TirivuruAndhra Pradesh
TirupathiAndhra Pradesh
TuniAndhra Pradesh
UdaygiriAndhra Pradesh
UlvapaduAndhra Pradesh
UravakondaAndhra Pradesh
UtnorAndhra Pradesh
V.R.puramAndhra Pradesh
VaimpalliAndhra Pradesh
VayalpadAndhra Pradesh
VenkatgiriAndhra Pradesh
VenkatgirikotaAndhra Pradesh
VijayawadaAndhra Pradesh
VikrabadAndhra Pradesh
VinjamuruAndhra Pradesh
VinukondaAndhra Pradesh
VisakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
VizayanagaramAndhra Pradesh
VuyyuruAndhra Pradesh
WardhannapetAndhra Pradesh
YelamanchiliAndhra Pradesh
YelavaramAndhra Pradesh
YeleswaramAndhra Pradesh
YellanuruAndhra Pradesh
YellareddyAndhra Pradesh
YerragondapalemAndhra Pradesh

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Last Updated on : December 2, 2015



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