Surat Health Care

The bustling city of Surat,the vanguard of industries is noted for a multitude of reasons. Apart from the tourist attractions and industries, Surat infrastructure is also top end as evinced by the quality Surat Health Care.

However, even a few years back Surat health did not paint a very pretty picture. The sudden outbreak of the pneumonic plague in the year 1994 that killed 55 people all across the nation. This sudden exigency prompted the government to spruce the deplorable health facilities. Although the state had undergone rapid industrialization, considerable negligence of the health infrastructure resulted in this nationwide catastrophe.

Currently, however Surat is rather conscientious towards its citizens and strives to provide them with excellent medical facilities. The city abounds in several excellent hospitals, nursing homes and poly clinics that are endowed with state of the art infrastructure.

The Seventh Aventist Day Hospital, belonging to the super specialty hospital chain of Wockhart hospitals is an exclusive cardiac hospital that diagnoses and treats all complex cardiac ailments. The New Civil hospital is another excellent Surat hospital sited in its namesake, Surat district.

The Surat Health department is dedicated to ameliorate the health care facilities and ensure that all patients are entitled to the basic medical aids and emergency services. The department officials also ensure the state boasts of an excellent sanitation infrastructure, following the horrors of the 1994 plague.

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Last Updated on : 3/06/2013