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Plague in Surat

The outbreak of Plague in Surat in the year 1994 reflects the shortcomings of the Surat health care system. Gripped with the catastrophic and infectious disease that claimed that life of several people in the city, the government realized the need to develop and provide the people of the city with better health facilities. The government was able to restrain the growing infection within a week.

The growth of the pneumonic plague was first diagnosed in the city of Surat on 22nd September in the year 1994. The infectious disease spread rapidly claiming several lives and by the 26th of September the reported cases suffering from the disease rose to a hundred. Tetracycline tablets and mouth guides were used for healing purposes. The reasons for the outbreak of plague at Surat was attributed to the unhealthy sewerage conditions. Two other natural calamities had occurred in the city before the outbreak of plague that contributed in bringing the flees and the rats in contact with the human community. The problem of sanitation was also a reason considered for the 1994 outbreak of the disease in the city of Surat.

The Plague in Surat acted as an eye opener for the citizens and the government alike who immediately engaged in the cleaning of the city. As an aftermath, the city has been able to achieve the status of being the second cleanest city of the country of India. The National Institute for Communicable Disease's has a unit for plague that has been upgraded by the government to provide with better surveillance and diagnosis of the disease.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013