Living in Surat

The people living in Surat are bestowed with a city that is always bustling. Spread over an area of 153.16 sq. km, Surat lies in the southern part of Gujarat. It is a port city and one of the major trading center for thousands of years and still continue to be so. The thriving city is prosperous with many important industries of India mostly operating from here. With a population of approximately 15.5 lakh, the city of surat is famous for its textile industry, diamond cutting industry, zari industry, trade in spice and numerous other business. Wood inlay work and ivory work of Surat is also very famous.

City living in Surat is illustrious with a present that harmoniously blends the tradition with modernity. The Surti people have managed to retain the flavors of their tradition in spite of various obstacles. Even today, the traditional surti delicacies are enjoyed all over the world. Surati weaves are coveted by all lovers of finesse in textiles and out of every ten diamonds polished in the world, nine are from Surat.

Surat is also the access point of many of the beach destinations of Gujarat thus attracting many tourists from all over India. With a temperature ranging from 28° C to 35° C, Surat is a bit hot, for the people of Surat, during the summer months. Living in Surat is, thus, all about basking in the glory of a prosperous city. The city of Surat was the first to experience European settlement in India just because of its flourishing prospect in the business front. Till today, Suratis are known for their sense of business. Surat living encompasses all these and more.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013