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Shopping in Thanjavur

Shopping in Thanjavur has helped the tourism industry of the city to flourish. Tourists visiting the land of Thanjavur are spoiled for choices as this land offers a wide variety of traditional items for shopping.

The various lanes and by-lanes of Thanjavur possesses private and government-owned stores and shops that sell a wide plethora of traditional paintings, potteries, hand loom products. The main item to shop for in this city are the traditional paintings, which are indeed exquisite works of art. The paintings of gods and goddesses are very popular amongst the native inhabitants ass well as foreign tourists.

Other products, which are very much in demand amongst the tourists and foreign travelers are woodwork and filigree items, ethnic jewelery, expensive artifacts, showpieces and silk saris. The silk saris are sold in huge numbers during festivals and important religious ceremonies.

Thanjavur one of the major cities of Tamil Nadu has many shopping joints and complexes, which are crowded all round the year. Shopping has played a major role in elevating the overall economy of Thanjavur.

Thanjavur shopping is thus one of the many exciting activities that tourists plan to indulge in when they step this enigmatic land.

Last Updated on 06 December 2011