Fishery in Thrissur

Fishery in Thrissur is one of the traditional industries in the city. The long stretch of coastline has facilitated the fishing industry of Thrissur. The inland water bodies are also rich with various species of fish. A large number of people of the city earn their livelihood by fishing and fishing related industries.

One of the largest fish market in the state of Kerala, fishing in Thrissur is one of the major occupations of the city. The food habit of the people of the region has boosted the fishing industry even more. Majority of the population eat fish as their staple diet. The traditional fishermen of Thrissur have four main castes. They are:
  • Marakkan
  • Aryan
  • Valan
  • Mukkuvan
The Thrissur city and its outskirts are hot beds of fishing activities with 3 inland fisheries and 18 fishing villages along the coastline.

Last Updated on 01/06/2013