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Economy of Thrissur

The economy of Thrissur is largely dependent on industries. In fact, Thrissur is one of the most important industrial centers of the state of Kerala. Industries like textile, timber, coir, fishery industries, agriculture based industries, tiles industries are present in Thrissur.

However the above mentioned industries are not the only sources of revenue for Thrissur. The tourism industry plays an important role in Thrissur's economy. The hotels and resorts and even people renting their houses for the tourists add to the region's revenue. The presence of many well known schools, colleges, medical and technical training institutes have turned this city into a thriving educational hub of the state. All these activities have brought a boom in the real estate sector of the city. The traditional jewelery makers of Thrissur are also significant contributors to the economy of Thrissur.

The bell metal industry is another significant part of the Thrissur economy. Thrissur has emerged as a banking hub of South India. The presence of major nationalized, merchant and foreign banks in Thrissur has turned the city a banker's paradise. All these activities have opened numerous job opportunities for the job aspirants of the city. To know more about the Thrissur economy, please log into the following links:

Last Updated on 01/06/2013