Timber Industry of Thrissur

The Timber Industry of Thrissur is one of the leading industries of Thrissur. Thrissur's timber industry has been greatly aided by the presence of nearby forests in Chalakkudy and Trichur.

The inception of the Timber Industry of Thrissur dates back to the year 1905. That was the year when the first saw mill was founded. The main objective was to transform the logs of hard wood and teak into slabs of various sizes. The timber are brought from the Chalakkudy and Trichur forests. These two places are the most important timber marts in Thrissur and the state as well.

The flow of the raw material keeps the Timber Industry of Thrissur in perfectly running condition and its growing with every passing days. Armed with latest machineries, the saw mills of Thrissur are doing a fine job. Most of the saw mills are located in Thrissur and Ollur.

Last Updated on 01/06/2013