Schools in Thrissur

There are a number of schools in Thrissur, which provide good-quality basic education to the children of the district. These schools form a significant part of the educational system of the district of Thrissur.

There are both private schools and public schools in thsi region. There are a variety of schools in Thrissur like co-educational schools, schools for day scholars, residential schools and girls' schools. Most of the schools of this place offer education in all the grades starting from lower kindergarden to grade 10.

The Don Bosco High School is one of the leading schools at Thrissur. The teachers of this institute are well known for giving personalized attention to the students. This school is well known not only in the district but in the entire state of Kerala.

The Ansar English School is one of the most popular Thrissur schools. This educational institute provides almost all the facilities that are required for rendering quality school education.

One of the most well known schools of Thrissur is the Al Ameen High School. This school is often preferred by the parents over any other school of the region. This is because it imparts the school-level education in a very simple way for the convenience of the children.

The media of instruction used in the schools in Thrissur are Malyalam and English. However, there are some schools that use the Urdu language as the chief medium of instruction.

All the above schools of Thrissur help the children of the district to pursue higher studies in the leading educational institutes of the place.

Last Updated on 03/06/2013