St Thomas College, Trissur

St Thomas College, Trissur is one of the most leading colleges that are located in the district of Thrissur. This educational institute is well known as it is the first Catholic college of the state of Kerala.

The main aim of the St Thomas College in Thrissur is to make good Catholics, who would follow all the life principles believed in by Jesus Christ.

St Thomas College of Thrissur was established by the bishop John Menachery in the year 1919. this institute was set up to help the young generation of the district in pursuing higher studies.

St Thomas College at Thrissur has a variety of educational courses on offer for the students of the region. The various graduate, PhD and post-graduate courses that are being offered at the St Thomas College are very much in demand among the young people of the place. Different language courses are offered in English, Sanskrit, Malayalam,and Hindi. This institute offers education in the social science subjects of Commerce and Economics.

The humanities subjects covered by the St Thomas College, Trissur are Political Science and History. Students get admitted to this college for studying the mathematic science subjects of Statistics and Mathematics. The college offers a number of courses in Natural sciences like Botany, Physical Education, Zoology and Computer Science. The Physical Science subjects covered by this institute are Chemistry and Physics.

The St Thomas College of Thrissur is an important part of the educational system of Thrissur as it not only provides good educational opportunities but also inculcates moral values in the young generation poeple of the district.

Last Updated on 03/06/2013