Thrissur Information

Thrissur information comprise of the detailed data of the important offices of the city of Thrissur. The information on Thrissur is important for the tourists and the citizens alike to counter the sudden exigencies that may arise. The information about Thrissur comprise of the list of details on the Thrissur police and real estate. A list of the emergency numbers of Thrissur is also available as a part of the information on Thrissur.

The amiable and helpful Thrissur has started a Reach Out to the People Program which encourages the interaction of the society with the police department of the city. As a part of the program, the police have published information booklets for the public to make them aware of the methods of preventing crime. The police men have also started visiting schools to interact more with the juveniles and the young people of the society. The police of Thrissur play an important role to ensure the safety and security of the people of the city.

The Thrissur real estate is one of the flourishing businesses of the city. The real estate agents ensure that the purchasers receive the property of their choice. The properties in Thrissur are for sale and lent on lease.

The Thrissur emergency numbers are also important part of the information on Thrissur. The emergency numbers comprise of the telephone addresses of the important offices of the city. These numbers must be kept ready at hand by both the citizens and the tourists alike.

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Last Updated on 05/06/2013