Thrissur Police

The safety and the security of the people of the city are ensured by the Thrissur police. The amiable police of Thrissur are approachable and helpful. The police of Thrissur have started a Reach Out to the People program encouraging them to participate in the programs of the police to prevent the growth of crime in the city of Thrissur. The program was also started to facilitate the better understanding of the police services and to encourage the interaction of the society with the police. To achieve the objective, the police in Thrissur have started the Reach out to School programs. The official website of the police at Thrissur has been reconstructed to improve on the interpersonal relationship between the citizens of Thrissur and the police. Public Information Booklets on crime prevention have also been published to be circulated among the citizens of Thrissur to increase their awareness. The following are the important telephone numbers of the Thrissur Police:

Police Station Emergency Number
Phone: 825228

Thrissur Town West
M Anilkumar (SI)
Tel: 95487 2363608

Thrissur Town East
A Ramachandran (SI)
Tel: 95487 2424192

Last Updated on 05/06/2013