IPCL Sports Complex Vadodara

IPCL Sports Complex Vadodara is an acronym for Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd Sports Complex Ground. The cricket stadium is also the home ground of the Baroda (former Vadodara) cricket team, a team that boasts of a lineup of some of the most talented players and fast bowlers of the Indian subcontinent.

The IPCL cricket stadium currently hosts all the ODI matches that are held in Vadodara city. Till date 7 One Day International (ODI) matches have been organized in these grounds. In fact, a couple of ODI matches were held at the stadium during the 2007 World Cup. The stadium has also witnessed some truly spectacular and groundbreaking performances. The Indian cricket team had scored a smashing 341/3 in 50 overs against the West Indies team during the 2007 World Cup. The lowest score ever recorded in this ground was again set by the Indian team who scored a dismal 148/10 against Australia during the 2007 World Cup. Team India's star performer, Sachin Tendulkar had scored 3 centuries in this very ground and was awarded the Man of the Match award on each occasion.

The first ODI match to be played in the IPCL cricket ground was between India and New Zealand on 28th October. In fact, this stadium substituted the erstwhile Moti Bagh Stadium, a part of the lavish Laxmi Niwas Palace of the Gaekwad rulers.

In short, the IPCL cricket stadium is a hallmark of the outstanding feats of Vadodara sports as well as the rich legacy of the Vadodara culture.

Last Updated on: 8/05/2013