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Vadodara information brings to light all the important facts about the city of Vadodara. Vadodara, a cultural city in the state of Gujarat has a rich and glorious history to boast about. It has emerged as an industrial city, which has a developing economy. One of the most significant facts about Vadodara is its population which is more than 18,00,000. It is situated on the south-eastern side of the capital city, Ahmadabad. Vadodara has an extreme kind of a climate where summers are very hot and winters are cool. Vadodara is replete with various interesting places of sightseeing such as Lakshmi Villas Palace and EME Temple. Vadodara earlier known as Baroda is quite popular for its universities and schools. Vadodara has a an excellent network of transport and is also well-connected with the rest of the country via highways and railways.

All kinds of Vadodara emergency services are available at the time of crisis. In order to obtain the emergency numbers the yellow pages or telephone directory must be referred. Vadodara health is another developing sector, which is of great significance in the lives of the common people of Vadodara. A multitude of health clinics, blood banks, hospitals and nursing homes offer dedicated services to their patients. Some of the main hospitals in Vadodara are Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hospitals and Jagmohan Hospital.

The booming real estate sector of Vadodara is attracting huge multitude of buyers to invest upon Vadodara land property. Vast acres of untiled land fit for settlement are being largely bought by prospective dwellers.

The government of the state enforces a high degree of law and order in the city of Vadodara. Criminal offenses, anti-social insurgencies seldom takes place in the city due to the strict watchfulness of the police department of Vadodara.

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Last Updated on: 8/05/2013