Vadodara Health

Vadodara health encircles the various health care centers, hospitals and nursing homes, which are providing dedicated medical services to the local inhabitants of the city. Vadodara health has been largely improved due to the spreading of health consciousness within the Vadodara people by the respective health care center and clinics. Even the department of Vadodara health has taken up the task of inculcating a high sense of hygiene and sanitation within the local inhabitants of Vadodara city. Often the department works very hard to bring about a positive change in the health conditions. They circulate leaflets, pamphlets and journals in order to infuse good habits in each and every individual.

The various hospitals, blood banks and eye-clinics which are an integral part of health in Vadodara are as follows:

  • Niramaya Hospital
  • Adarsha General Hospital
  • Anjali Memorial Hospital
  • Balmangal Children Hospital
  • Chandan Charitable Hospital
  • I Care Hospital & Phaco Centre
  • Sahayog Surgical Hospital
  • Vinesh B.Patel
  • Pramukhswami Hospital
  • Hemant Brahmbhatt, Sahyog Surgical
  • Joly Polyclinic Laboratory
  • Surusha Hospital
  • Mahi Speciality Hospital
  • Baroda Hospital
  • Ashirwad Hospital

  • Indu Voluntary Blood Bank
  • Indu Health Research Foundation, Indu BloodBank

  • Netrajyot
  • SSG Hospital

    In the clinics, nursing homes and hospitals a high level of hygiene and sanitation is maintained. Not only that, these health care centers are equipped with excellent doctors who are able to guide their patient in the best way possible. They also provide good health solutions to the people who are suffering from ailments and illnesses. Exercise regimes, diet charts are prepared by the respective doctors attending to their patients and people are advised to maintain personal hygiene as well.

    Last Updated on: 8/05/2013