Vadodara to Dabhoi

Vadodara to Dabhoi tour is one of the most popular weekend tours of Gujarat. Dabhoi is an ancient town, which was founded and fortified by Siddhraj Jaisinh (1093-1143 AD). It is known for its stone carvings and exquisite architectural style. The motifs and iconography on the walls of the fort also attract many tourists from the different parts of the world. The fort is said to be built during the period when Zinzuwada Fort and Rudra Mahalaya were constructed.

Dabhoi in Gujarat is known for its Jain and Hindu temples. It is noteworthy that the town finds reference in the Jain inscriptions of Girnar. The fort is an exemplar of Hindu Military architecture. The architecture of the fort is based on shastri tradition, which is mentioned in the Vastu scriptures. The four gates of the town are located in middle of each side of the wall. The gates are situated in cardinal direction and have indirect entry.

Besides, a number of tourist attractions are located at a vicinity to Dakhoi. Among the major sites for sightseeing around Dakhoi are:
  • Chandod - Chandod is located about 22 kilometers from Dabhoi at the confluence of rivers Orsang, Gupta Saraswati and Narmada. It is one of the ancient sites of Sanskrit learning. One can come across the Mandvi Mahal located on the banks of river Narmada. Constructed during the late 19th century, the palace offers a kaleidoscopic view of the river.
  • Ten Talav - Ten Talav is located about 10 kilometers from Dabhoi and is known to be the symbol of a love-legend. It is the love-legend of a beautiful girl called Ten and Hiradhar Shilpi, the architect of the Fort.
  • Rajpipla - Rajpipla is located about 60 kilometers from Dabhoi on the banks of Karjan river. Situated at the foothills of Satpura mountains, it was the capital of the princely state of Rajpipla.
  • Karnali - Karnali is located about 24 kilometers from Dabhoi on the opposite bank of river Orsang. It a twin town of Chandod and has several Shiva temples. The town is known for its beautiful ghats and the footprints of Lord Dattatraya.
Therefore, it can be said that on a trip from Vadodara to Dabhoi, tourists can explore the rustic beauty of Gujarat.

Last Updated on: May 8, 2013