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Gujarat Wildlife Tours Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary # Gir National Park Paniya Wildlife Sanctuary Purna Wildlife Sanctuary Marine National Park Wild Ass Sanctuary Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary Thol Wildlife Sanctuary Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary Valavadar Blackbuck National Park Marine National Park Khijadia Bird Sanctuary Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary Barda Wildlife Sanctuary Porbandar Bird Sanctuary Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary Bansda Fudam Hingolgarh Shoolpaneswar Jumbogodha Salaram Ambaji Lala Great Indian Bustard Narayan Sarovar
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*The Map showing the sanctuaries and wild life parks of the Gujarat state. Disclaimer

Gujarat Wildlife Tours

Gujarat wildlife tours offers exciting visits to the natural habitats for wild animals in the sanctuaries and wild life parks of the Gujarat state. Gujarat due to its physical features have become a hub of a great diversity of habitats. The varied land forms of dry and moist deciduous forests, majestic grasslands, the vast landscapes of the Rann of Kutch, wetland habitats and the marine ecosystems harbors a large number of wild animals. The natural habitats were transformed into sanctuaries and wild life parks with the sole aim to preserve wild animals as they are on the verge of extinction.

Gujarat wildlife tours gives the wild life watchers a golden opportunity to see wild asses, Asian lion, leopards, sloth bears, the Indian bustard, the four horned antelope, lions and black bucks and many other wild animals in their natural habitat. Such a visit will be a thrilling experience where you will enjoy the wildlife adventures to the fullest.

The Gujarat wildlife tours will let you discover the unadulterated joy of shaking hands with raw nature and its friendly inhabitants. During the tour you will get the opportunity to see the world's largest flamingo grounds on the Rann of Kutch. You will have the opportunity to see the Asiatic Lion and Asiatic Wild Ass during the Gujarat wildlife tours.

National Parks of Gujarat


Various Sanctuaries in Gujarat


Blackbuck National Park

Blackbuck National Park at Bhavnagar popularly known as the Velavadar Black Buck Sanctuary is situated in the Bhal region of Saurashtra. The Blackbuck National Park is located between two rivers, about 50 kilometers west of the Gulf of Cambay.

Last Updated on : June 16, 2021