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Travel to Surat

Surat Tourism

In the southern part of Gujarat, Surat is one of the most important cities. The place has a tremendously rich history of political and mercantile significance. as per the legends, Gopi, a Nagar Brahmin, who rose to be the Prime Minister in the Sultanate of Gujarat under Mahmud I and Muzaffar II, founded the city.

During the reign Mughals, it became the most beautiful and important port on the western coast. The land has also played notable roles in India's struggle for Independence.

Surat has the distinction of being the first European settlement in India besides being host to the Dutch and the Portuguese, a fact reflected in its little streets, which are charmingly European.

A travel to Surat would take you to the land, which still basks in the glorious memory of Mahatma Gandhi. Travel to Surat to visit Dandi where one of the most remarkable movements for independence kicked of under his leadership.

Also pay a visit to Bardoli where another movement started, as you travel to Surat. The Swaraj Ashram has today become somewhat of a pilgrimage site for the Indians.

Surat offers a charming combination of historical monuments and places, beaches and museums. Take time off to visit the idyllic beach resorts on the western coast in your travel to Surat. Sparkling white sands meet the azure sea where the casuarinas and palms sway in the music of the marine breeze.

How to Reach Surat

urat is one of the oldest cities in Gujarat. It attracts a lot of tourist by virtue of its glorious past. There are many tourist attractions in Surat and the place bears the hallowed memory of Mahatma Gandhi. Surat has also been an important center for trading since a long time. The city is strategically situated on the southern bank of the River Tapti about 20 km from the Arabian Sea and 283 km south of Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat.

By Air

The Surat Airport is a domestic airport and is situated around 12 km from the city centre.
  • Air India (via New Delhi)
  • Spicejet (via New Delhi and Mumbai)

  • By Train

    The Surat Railway Station is located in the city centre. Many important trains service the railway station regularly, connecting it with major cities in Gujarat and neighbouring states.

    The station comes under the Western Railway zone of the Indian Railways. The Surat Railway Station is one of a kind in India. Its railway platform is on the first floor of the station and the train reaches the platform by means of an inclined ramp.

    From Delhi
    • August Kranti Rajdhani Express/12954
    • Paschim Express/12926
    • Dehradun - Mumbai Bandra Terminus Express/19020
    • Mumbai Rajdhani Express/12952

    From Mumbai
    • Mumbai Bandra Terminus- Dehradun Express/19019
    • Gujarat Express/19011
    • Mumbai- Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express/12009
    • Bandra Surat InterCity Express/12935

    From Kolkata
    • Howrah Ahmedabad Express/12834
    • Howrah-Hapa-Okha Link Express/22906
    • Howrah- Porbandar Express/12906

    By Road

    An extensive network of roads connects Surat to the important cities in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi. Surat is connected with the National Highway Number 8 via a 16 km long connecting highway i.e. National Highway Number 6. The National Highway Number 228 also connects to Surat. The Golden Quadrilateral Highway system goes through Surat.

    Buses to Surat are available from major cities in Gujarat as well as neighboring the states. The main Surat bus stand is in the city centre. Buses, taxis and shared auto rickshaws are easily available in Surat.

    Distance to Surat
    • From Vadodara - 148 km
    • From Nashik - 235 km
    • From Ahmedabad - 267 km
    • From Mumbai - 285 km
    • From Pune - 418 km
    • From Indore - 503 km

    Shopping in Surat

    Since long past Surat, in Gujarat, has the reputation of a key trading center in Western India. During the reign of the Mughals, Surat was an important port on the western coast. Mercantile and commercial traditions still continue in the land. The land also has a rich tradition of handlooms and handicrafts, which make for fantastic shopping in Surat. It is of course one of the most important zari-manufacturing centre in India. Fine gold and silver threads used in zari work are made in hundreds of big and small workshops in Surat. Do pick up a few lustrous Indian garments embellished with the exquisite works of Zari, kinari, salma, while shopping in Surat.

    Woodworks are also popular items for shopping in Surat. The skilled artisans of Surat carve out table lamps, side tables, boxes and various other utilities and objets d'art, which serve as fantastic souvenirs. Sadeli or marquetry work is yet another specialty at Surat. Long, thin strips of wood, tin or ivory are cut and pasted in patterns on boxes and caskets to create appliqued goods. Surat also has a rich tradition of silver work. A few items easily found in the local bazaars should feature in our shopping cart in Surat.

    Numerous private-run shopping outlets and government owned emporia dot over the cityscape. Explore the stall erected by the local vendors if you are comfortable with a little bit of bargaining.

    Places to See in Surat
    • Dumas
    • Bardoli
    • Bulsar
    • Udvada
    • The Old Fort
    • Dutch Gardens
    • Rangupavan
    • Vansada National Park
    • Hajira
    • Sardar Patel Museum
    • Dandi in Surat
    • Textile Market in Surat
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